Oily Skin…What Oily Skin?

Week 3 Day 18

I have oily skin. Not your average oily skin either. I have need 5 blotting papers oily skin and you can wipe the oil off of my face every morning & afternoon oily skin. It’s ridiculous. I am just so lucky that my oily face translates to my oily head as well. I have very long, thick hair. For the past 15 years or so, I have had to wash my hair every morning. I can’t even wash it at night because it will be oily by the next morning. Yeah, it sucks. Being on Accutane causes dry skin, not just on your face, but everywhere. So this means that my head is no longer oily. Yesterday was the first time I can remember waking up and my hair looking normal. No oil. I didn’t even have to wash it yesterday morning! It’s incredible. Now, I have to condition because I don’t want it to dry out, but this is a total life changer for me. I’m sure it won’t last, but for the next 4.5 months I’m going to be thrilled if I only have to wash every other day!

Quick update for this week. Side effects of dry skin & chapped lips are kicking in at full force. I’ve been loving the Bag Balm on my lips and it seems to help with the irritation that comes along with them being so dry. They almost feel as if they are stinging at times and when I put the balm on, it helps a lot. I was out in the sun for a whopping 5 minutes yesterday and I could immediately feel my arms start to sting so I went inside to hide. It’s gorgeous outside today but I know I need to be covered in sunscreen before I even think about venturing out into the heat. My chin broke out earlier this week but seems to be healing rather quickly.  My arsenal for dryness & protection is expanding weekly. Here’s my current stash of products! Image


Chapstick, I need you…

Woke up Wednesday morning and looked in the mirror. I don’t remember putting on lipstick last night? Hardly was this a wild night gone bad; on the contrary, it was a work trip and I really didn’t put on lipstick in my sleep. However, my lips were so chapped & red that it looked like I already had lipstick on. What the heck?!?! It’s been a week, and I knew this was coming but thought it would be another 3 weeks or so before I felt the full side effects. However, over the past couple of days, I’ve used more chapstick than I did all winter and I’m so glad I went ahead and bought 456543 tubes ahead of time. Another item I bought just this week is Bag Balm. Which was originally used for cow udders when it was first created in 1899, I know what you’re thinking and yes, I put it on my super chapped lips. Honestly, this stuff rules for anything that needs moisture. It’s a little greasy but it has helped so much. It’s not really portable though because it comes in this pretty large green tin so I’ve added some to a small makeup pot I have and now I keep it in my chapstick & lotion arsenal bag that I will not be without for the next 5 months. I’m still curious though, how much chapstick is too much chapstick?

Here I go again on my own…

Deciding to go on Clavaris was not an easy or quick decision…and I’m still not sure my husband knows what he’s in for over the next 5 months. Sixteen years ago, I didn’t have a husband, but I did have a mom who would take pity on me when my face was on fire and my lips were cracked & bleeding and it hurt to even eat. Sorry babe, all that’s still to come. Having gone through Accutane once before, although many many years ago, I hope to be better prepared with products to help combat the internal bomb that’s going to be going off under my skin for 5 unbelievably hot months. Of course, 16 years ago the internet was kind of new, and I couldn’t document what I went through digitally or easily. This time, I’m going to share my experience in the hopes it helps someone, young or old, feel better about themselves and feel a little less alone in the battle for good skin.

Week 1
Well hello itchy face! I’m closing in on Week 1 and at first I didn’t notice any side effects but last night and today, I’ve noticed my skin feeling tighter and possibly a little dry. All this comes with the desire to claw off my face because it just $%#@!&* itches so bad! Super thick Cetaphil cream feels great, but a little greasy, however, it still itches dangit! The chapped lips are not far behind because I’ve applied chapstick a dozen times today already. I can also tell I’m not drinking enough water, because I’m thirsty so I’ll have to remember to drink more tomorrow.