Here I go again on my own…

Deciding to go on Clavaris was not an easy or quick decision…and I’m still not sure my husband knows what he’s in for over the next 5 months. Sixteen years ago, I didn’t have a husband, but I did have a mom who would take pity on me when my face was on fire and my lips were cracked & bleeding and it hurt to even eat. Sorry babe, all that’s still to come. Having gone through Accutane once before, although many many years ago, I hope to be better prepared with products to help combat the internal bomb that’s going to be going off under my skin for 5 unbelievably hot months. Of course, 16 years ago the internet was kind of new, and I couldn’t document what I went through digitally or easily. This time, I’m going to share my experience in the hopes it helps someone, young or old, feel better about themselves and feel a little less alone in the battle for good skin.

Week 1
Well hello itchy face! I’m closing in on Week 1 and at first I didn’t notice any side effects but last night and today, I’ve noticed my skin feeling tighter and possibly a little dry. All this comes with the desire to claw off my face because it just $%#@!&* itches so bad! Super thick Cetaphil cream feels great, but a little greasy, however, it still itches dangit! The chapped lips are not far behind because I’ve applied chapstick a dozen times today already. I can also tell I’m not drinking enough water, because I’m thirsty so I’ll have to remember to drink more tomorrow.


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