Chapstick, I need you…

Woke up Wednesday morning and looked in the mirror. I don’t remember putting on lipstick last night? Hardly was this a wild night gone bad; on the contrary, it was a work trip and I really didn’t put on lipstick in my sleep. However, my lips were so chapped & red that it looked like I already had lipstick on. What the heck?!?! It’s been a week, and I knew this was coming but thought it would be another 3 weeks or so before I felt the full side effects. However, over the past couple of days, I’ve used more chapstick than I did all winter and I’m so glad I went ahead and bought 456543 tubes ahead of time. Another item I bought just this week is Bag Balm. Which was originally used for cow udders when it was first created in 1899, I know what you’re thinking and yes, I put it on my super chapped lips. Honestly, this stuff rules for anything that needs moisture. It’s a little greasy but it has helped so much. It’s not really portable though because it comes in this pretty large green tin so I’ve added some to a small makeup pot I have and now I keep it in my chapstick & lotion arsenal bag that I will not be without for the next 5 months. I’m still curious though, how much chapstick is too much chapstick?


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