Behind the Face

Acne sucks at any age, but it is especially un-nerving when you’re a successful working adult who has to go through the routine all over again, 16 years after you already did it once. This is my second experience with an extreme acne medication and my weekly log of how it feels to do this $&!# again.

Sixteen years ago I had horrible acne, which is an understatement. It was everywhere, painful, ugly, red & swollen, and came with physical & emotional stresses teenagers should just not have to endure. I went through over a year of dermatology before my doctor at the time would prescribe Accutane (the real thing) and it was rough. Every Cycline script, Retin-A, herbal remedy, and general over the counter crap got my hopes up that I would be free of acne. They all failed, and failed miserably. Finally, the day came when he said “Okay, it’s time for Accutane” and I saw confetti fall from the ceiling & heard angels singing. Hallelujah! And then a month later, I wanted to crawl under the bed & never come out. Acne was worse, lips were cracked & bleeding, skin was Sahara Desert dry…why would anyone do this to themselves? Why? Mainly they do it because between months 2 & 3, a miracle happens, a chemical miracle, but one nonetheless. It all starts to go away and your true beautiful self starts to shine through. You have never seen skin glow so bright, unless you’ve seen someone on month 3 of a successful Accutane trip. It worked, and my skin was gorgeous. The beauty lasted 15 years until recently I’ve been breaking out a lot and it won’t heal before it comes back so here we are again.

Only 16 years apart.


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