Oily Skin…What Oily Skin?

Week 3 Day 18

I have oily skin. Not your average oily skin either. I have need 5 blotting papers oily skin and you can wipe the oil off of my face every morning & afternoon oily skin. It’s ridiculous. I am just so lucky that my oily face translates to my oily head as well. I have very long, thick hair. For the past 15 years or so, I have had to wash my hair every morning. I can’t even wash it at night because it will be oily by the next morning. Yeah, it sucks. Being on Accutane causes dry skin, not just on your face, but everywhere. So this means that my head is no longer oily. Yesterday was the first time I can remember waking up and my hair looking normal. No oil. I didn’t even have to wash it yesterday morning! It’s incredible. Now, I have to condition because I don’t want it to dry out, but this is a total life changer for me. I’m sure it won’t last, but for the next 4.5 months I’m going to be thrilled if I only have to wash every other day!

Quick update for this week. Side effects of dry skin & chapped lips are kicking in at full force. I’ve been loving the Bag Balm on my lips and it seems to help with the irritation that comes along with them being so dry. They almost feel as if they are stinging at times and when I put the balm on, it helps a lot. I was out in the sun for a whopping 5 minutes yesterday and I could immediately feel my arms start to sting so I went inside to hide. It’s gorgeous outside today but I know I need to be covered in sunscreen before I even think about venturing out into the heat. My chin broke out earlier this week but seems to be healing rather quickly.  My arsenal for dryness & protection is expanding weekly. Here’s my current stash of products! Image